ISSN – Barcodes for Magazines

Serialised publications such as Magazines and serial Journals require an International Standard Serial Number (ISSN). To obtain an ISSN for your serial publication visit the ISSN National Centre for Malaysia at to make an application.

Once you have your ISSN number from the ISSN National Centre we can generate GS1 standard barcode images in either ISSN 13 digit or ISSN 13 + 2 digit formats depending on your preferences.

Supplemental Numbers for each issue

ISSN 13 + 2 use supplemental digits to indicate the issue of publication e.g. 01 – 12 for each month of the year or 01 – 04 for quarterly publications. ISSN 13 + 2 barcodes can be reused each year.

Example of an ISSN 13 + 2 barcode for a serialised publication.

If you have your ISSN numbers but need assistance with getting GS1 standard images please contact us at and we’ll provide a quote.