Refund Policy

Barcode Savers Malaysia sells genuine UCC/GS1 origin retail barcodes for a one time fee. Our business offers this service as an affordable alternative to direct GS1 membership. The barcodes we provide are suitable for the overwhelming majority of retailers worldwide. Once we have issued a barcode to a customer it cannot easily be recalled and re-sold. This would make it difficult to guarantee that the barcode remains unique to the next customer. We will therefore only consider refunds under special circumstances and only within 30 days of the purchase date.

Refunds are not provided if:

1. You’ve changed your mind or made the wrong selection.  We strongly recommend you review your order carefully and ensure the quantity and type of barcodes are suitable for you intended purpose. 

2. Your retailer requires direct GS1 membership.  Our terms & conditions exclude liability for “any retailer, wholesaler or any other third party’s refusal to accept or use the barcodes”. No barcode re-seller can guarantee universal acceptance and retailers can reject products for any reason.  We recommend you check with your retailer before purchasing barcodes.  See our Barcode Acceptance page for further information.

3. You are expecting a barcode with the GS1 country prefix of your country.  We clearly state on our home page, purchase page, faq and various information and support pages that our barcodes start in the 060 – 089 range as well as our example barcode images. 

Should we issue a refund the barcodes sold will be retained by our company and archived as invalid for use. This status will be reflected on the database.

How to Buy Barcodes

1. Visit our buy barcodes page
2. Select the quantity of barcodes you need
3. Fill out your details, select the payment method and finalise

Once your purchase is completed you will instantly receive your barcode package via email.  You can assign your barcodes to your products right away.