Barcode Size Specifications (EAN-13 and UPC-A)

Our barcodes are supplied at GS1 specification SC2 (37.29mm x 25.93mm). This size spec is known as 100% magnification and is optimal for retail scanning environments. Generally GS1 advises a minimum of 80% of the standard size (we usually reduce to a minimum SC0 82% @ 30.51 X 21.25mm). We suggest printing your barcodes within the recommended 80% – 200% magnification range.  Staying within this range ensures your barcodes will scan at Point of Sale (P.O.S.) and pass a Barcode Verification Report if required.

Reducing the Barcode size

There are many products in the supply chain that break with the 80% minimum. An example of this would be a small truncated barcode that runs along the side of a pen.  However if you reduce your codes more than the recommended amount you may run into scanning issues depending on the scanner. The more truncated or smaller the code the less likely the code is to scan fully first time.   Using the pen as an example it may not scan until the pen is straightened out for the scanner to read horizontally.

Truncating the barcode

Truncation is a method of reducing the height of the barcode by cutting a section of the code from the top down.  This is the preferred method of resizing a barcode rather than dragging the edges which adversely alters the barcodes proportions.

Please note if you reduce below 80% magnification your barcode will not pass a barcode verification report (even if it scans on a normal scanner or smartphone phone app).  Verification reports are sometimes required of some larger retailers.

If you’re strained for surface area and need to go smaller let us know how much room you have to work with. We’ll see if we can resize for you or make further suggestions. Simply email us at

Magnification Table

MagnificationBar Width (mm)Bar Height (mm)L Quiet Zone (mm)R Quiet Zone (mm)
80% (SC0)20.0818.282.901.85
85% 26.6519.423.091.96
90% (SC1)28.2220.573.272.08
100% (SC2)31.3522.853.632.31
110% (SC3)34.4925.143.992.54
120% (SC4)37.6227.424.362.77
135% (SC5)42.3230.854.903.12
150% (SC6)47.0334.285.453.47
165% (SC7)51.7337.705.993.81
185% (SC8)58.0042.276.724.27
190% 59.5743.426.904.39
200% (SC9)62.7045.707.264.62